Digital Awards

  • In Kudatz, you can select an existing digital award or create awards with special templates - it's easy either way. A digital award is one that can be sent through the Internet to an email address or to a social media account (ex. Facebook). The benefits of digital awards are that they are inexpensive and they can be widely socialized and they can be tracked. They are also lots of Fun!
  • Digital awards typically are images with a theme, for example "Reading" or "Soccer". There is also a place to include additional information such as a recipient's name and award date.
  • Digital awards can be used in conjunction with physical awards or used by themselves, depending upon the magnitude of the achievement.
  • A cool and unique feature of Kudatz is that digital awards can be maintained in a Virtual Trophy Case, enabling users to track awards over time and to build digital credentials.
  • Another neat feature of Kudatz is that you can add points to digital awards and use the awards as motivation. For example, every book a student reads might be worth 3 points. If you are a teacher, Kudatz lets you easily create private student accounts, providing your students a safe and fun way to track progress.
  • Kudatz has two types of certificates - free and chargeable. Chargeable certificates are typically created by an artist and have a small charge (99 cents to $5.99).