It's Easy

Kudatz provides employers with a new, inexpensive but powerful solution to help motivate their employees and to help their employees build online credentials.

If you have a training program, Kudatz gives you the ability to issue validated badges to each of your employees who complete a course.  The employees, in turn, can accumulate these badges in their own private accounts.  Badges can be shared and uploaded to social media platforms.  

Kudatz can also be used to issue digital awards and printable certificates.  Department managers can send awards for a variety of different reasons:   as a “thank you”, for completion of a project, for community service and much more!  Employees can even send other employees awards. 

Digital awards are fun, a great motivational tool and are very inexpensive.  Validated badges are a unique and powerful way to build your training program and to provide a platform for your employees to build their online credentials.

If you would like more information on our industry-leading features, please contact the Kudatz team now.  Simply use the support button above and a representative will email or call you at your convenience.