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Today, when someone takes a class or attends a seminar they may receive a paper certificate or an email acknowledgment.  Often, certificates get filed away and lost and emails are forgotten.  Further, since the certificates and awards are given by different schools and institutions, they are not grouped in a meaningful way.  Importantly, they are not validated, meaning that an employer needs to call a school to ensure the authenticity of the certificate.  This is where the Kudatz platform provides a powerful solution.

With Kudatz, a school leader or event manager can create validated badges that signify that a participant has completed a class or attended an event. 

Here’s how it works.  When a student successfully completes a class, the school leader creates a badge in Kudatz.  The school then sends the badge to the student who stores it in their Kudatz account.  The badge includes a “validated” link.  When the linked is clicked, it goes back to the school for validation. Depending upon the schools preference, this process can be automated and validation becomes virtually instantaneous. Badges can be issued for events in a similar manner and can also be branded. 

The student or participant receives the validated badges in their free Kudatz account.  They can group the badges in various ways (date received, category, institution) to build an online resume and demonstrate competency in a field.  For example, a serious science student can take validated badges they received from schools and events they attended and combine them with digital awards they received, to be able to demonstrate both interest and competency.  Badges can be shared and uploaded to various social media sites.  Potential employers can then click on each badge to understand more about it and get a level of assurance that it is valid.

If you are looking to create digital certificates or degrees for your institution, please contact the Kudatz team for more information about our industry-leading features.Simply use the support button above and a representative will email or call you at your convenience.