How It Works

Kudatz gives you a simple and inexpensive (FREE!) way to give "kudos", say "congratz" or even just express your "thanks". Physical awards are wonderful for many occasions, but digital awards are a fabulous new way to create a social buzz (ex. Facebook) and can much more easily be tracked. With Kudatz, you can even add a "value" to an award to help drive motivation.


  • Step 1: Create your free account
  • Step 2: Choose a digital award, badge or printable certificate from our huge selection or create your own. Optionally, add a value to your badge and even create recipient accounts.
  • Step 3: Add personalization, such as the recipients name and / or a message
  • Step 4: If you have selected a printable certificate, simply press Print, otherwise, enter the awardees email address or Facebook account and press Send.


Thus, Kudatz (Kudos + Congratz) was born!

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