Here are just some of the fun ways you can use Kudatz!

  • A parent sends digital music award to their child for participation in a recital. Parent also informs grandparents; Grandparents send congrats and a gift certificate. Child shares news with friends via Facebook.
  • Someone sends a digital award congratulating a friend on completing a project.
  • A teacher prints free reading certificates for her class.
  • A teacher creates student accounts and sends a digital award for each book a student reads. The students track their progress with their own private account.
  • An office manager sends a plaque to employee for their latest project. Manager also creates a digital award and informs entire department. Department members send congrats. Employee adds the award to his "resume"
  • An event coordinator sends virtual awards to their walk-a-thon team members. walk-a-thon members share their awards on Facebook
  • Someone attends a Sci Fi conference. Event manager confirms attendance, issues virtual badge. Employee adds Badge to her Virtual Trophy Case and uploads it to LinkedIn
  • A student takes an online class. The school administrator issues a digital badge. Employee adds badge to her "resume".

Thus, Kudatz (Kudos + Congratz) was born!

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