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Teachers and coaches know the importance of motivation and positive reinforcement.  One of the powerful features of Kudatz is that that you can create a private account for each child in a class or on a team.  A private account is one that only you and the child can access, and one that can only be used to receive and track certificates, digital awards and badges.  The Kudatz account has no email capability, and is therefore appropriate for younger children.

The Kudatz platform provides a great environment to provide positive feedback to a child over a period of time.  For example, a teacher may choose to send an award to a student after they complete any homework assignment.  A teach also has the ability to add points to a digital award.  So alternatively, for a perfect homework assignment they might send an award worth 10 points and for one that was completed but not perfect, an award worth 5 points.

Students can access their own accounts and see their awards displayed in a fun way.  They can track their progress along different dimensions, such as school work, sports and community service.  As students get older, they can even use their awards to create an online resume.

If you are a teacher and would like more information about digital awards, private student accounts or any of the industry-leading Kudatz features, please contact the Kudatz team and we would be happy to help you. Simply use the support button above and a representative will email or call you at your convenience.